Ryan Byars, VP Operations and Implementation.  
Ryan has been working in all facets of employer wellness for more than 9 years. He brings extensive experience in programming designed to increase participation and improve employee health and is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive and innovative corporate wellness solutions.



Our purpose is to remove the silos that exist today in wellness programs, medical plan design, and healthcare delivery to create a high performing model that will lead to better health, greater productivity and a true reduction in costs to all stakeholders.

Travis Burgett, President.  Travis has over 14 years experience working in healthcare strategy and economics, both with employer clients, as well as within complex healthcare delivery systems.  Travis is passionate about finding and creating new ways to deliver and finance healthcare in the workplace.

The team at Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions passionately believes there is a better, more efficient way for employers to support the overall health and wellbeing of their employees and families.